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The Arabian mandi, like many Malabar foods, has deep roots in West Asia. This is a Keralian-style adaptation of a Yemeni rice meal. Kerala and its cuisines have a long history of West Asian influence dating back to the Mughal Empire, although mandi’s ascent to fame is relatively recent. While restaurants serving authentic mandi are flooding, it is still a herculean task to make these at home. This is where the Swamis Arabian Manthi Masala comes into place. You can simply buy the Arabian mandi masala online and flaunt the delicious mandi at your home.

 The preparation of Arabian mandi is something else compared to the traditional biriyani cooking. The mandi is prepared using basmati rice which is spiced and slow-cooked in a pit in the ground while the accompanying chicken cooks above it, enabling the chicken juices to flow down and flavour the rice even more. You may also use beef, mutton, or seafood if you prefer. While both are similar in many aspects, the original Yemeni mandi varies which is normally served with lamb, with the rice cooked in lamb stock, and is typically spiced less than the Kerala version. While you buy the Arabian mandi masala online, always check for the quality of ingredients which it affects your mandi’s taste.

 Arabian Mandi Masala is Swami’s tribute to the beautiful, mildly spiced, flavourful rice dish native to the Middle East. Buy the Swamis Arabian Mandi Masala online and you can now effortlessly enjoy homemade mandi with no more mess. Making  Arabic style Mandi with Swamis Arabian Mandi Masala is simple. You’ll love the way one spoon of this mandi masala spices up your dish to chef-like cuisine with its array of flavourful spices. Buy this Arabian Mandi Masala online today and win praise and kudos for your culinary skills. 

The spices used in Swamis Arabian Mandi Masala are what add to its taste. The mandi blend is perfect to add to rice, and can you can use this masala blend as a rub for lamb, fish, or chicken for a fragrant and flavourful mandi. Ingredients like fennel, coriander, cumin, star anise, cinnamon, pepper, bay leaf etc are expertly picked and processed at our unit at Green Valley Condiments and are brought to you in the highest quality.


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